Brazeau County

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Box 77, 7401 Twp Rd 494, Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1R1
Phone: 780-542-7777     Fax: 780-542-7770

The residents of Brazeau County are represented by a Council made up of six Councillors from six divisions plus an elected Reeve. They serve a four year term; the current term is from 2013 to 2017. Please feel free to contact any of the County Councillors listed below:

Brazeau County Councillors
Reeve Bart Guyon   780-542-0999 
Division 1 Councillor Shirley Mahan 780-542-5334 (w) 780-542-0614 (c)
Division 2 Councillor Rita Moir 780-621-1404 (h) 780-542-0988 (c)
Division 3 Councillor Marc Gressler 780-621-1521 (h) 780-898-2006 (c)
Division 4 Councillor Kara Westerlund 780-898-4561 (h)
Division 5 Councillor Anthony Heinrich 780-696-2468 (h)
Division 6 Councillor Maryann Thompson 780-696-2116 (h) 780-542-0804 (c)